My name is Assita Cisse Sylla, founder of the firm Shea Ivory Coast.

He holds a Masters in law from the National University of Abidjan in Ivory Coast, “ Affaires“ specialty.

By migrating in February 2010 I had over 21 years experience in entrepreneurship and heard maintain this momentum.

After its establishment in June 2013, Shea Côte d’Ivoire undertook its first mission in August 2013 north of the Ivory Coast to meet several producers.
The production of shea butter is the main activity and the only source of income of these rural women. But alas it is not they who reap the most benefit. During our various discussions they deplored the presence of middlemen at several levels including those who buy nuts for multinationals, and butter for resale on the domestic market in Abidjan or international neighboring countries Burkina Faso, Mali, Ghana , Europe, USA … Their wish to be recipients direct their productions. And that is what we aspire,
Shea Ivory Coast has formed a women’s group “ Shenafa“. The consolidation gives them more force to be imposed on intermediaries, share their expertise, collaborate. We buy more expensive than the price of local market, they offer the best quality butter that we may compete for more market which gives them more work. Must be given the opportunity to add value to their product by transforming soaps, ointments ..

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